For Busy Professionals: how to make the shift to your most fit, healthy, and confident self in under a year WITHOUT dieting or extreme exercise, using the Whole Shift 5 steps proven methodology 
Over 20 years of combined experience transforming the wellbeing of over 500 professionals across 5 countries 
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"I went from barely functioning to 99% pain-free"

From: Elisabeth Valentine Kristiansen

Speaker, Voice over artist & Coach 
"Working with Wholeshift wellness has changed my life- literally. In 
Feb 2020 I was barely functioning due to severe back pain, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t get proper help from my GP, and my diet wasn’t optimal with too many takeaways, eating out, crisps, and mindless eating. 
Not only am I now 99% pain-free, but my whole mindset around food, my body, and my well-being has also completely changed. I now make choices based on honoring myself and my body. I no longer exercising or eating well to punish myself “thin”. So grateful for the all-around support from Eugene and Serena. Not sure how I would have coped with the past crazy year without them. Serena said before we began, “you have no idea what profound changes you’re gonna see”, and she was right. This is about so much more than just food and exercise!"



"I went from acting like a robot to becoming the best version of myself in all areas of life"

From: Dr Ana Maria Rios, MD

Medical Director at Cook Children’s Hospital
"I loved listening to one of your lectures which is when I realized that maybe I wasn't as healthy as I thought and I needed to do some work, but at the time I felt I was too busy; then during the pandemic, I felt it was a perfect time because I had a lot going on in my life and really needed this work. 
I loved working on the three pillars: the fitness part has been very important because it improves your physical and mental health, but also it makes you feel better about yourself: stronger and more confident that you are doing the right thing for your body and for your health. The nutrition part has been also amazing. I have been learning a lot of new things. And this was the biggest surprise to me because I always thought that I was already eating healthy and that I was doing my best but then I realized I could do better which has been challenging but at the same time fascinating. 
Now I have fewer cravings, and I dropped a few extra pounds that I had never been able to drop in the longest time, and I am now at my ideal weight, so that makes me feel very well. The mindfulness part has had an impact in every aspect of my life: at work, with my family, with my friends. It has helped me to slow down and be more present. One of the problems that I had during the pandemic was that I was just constantly on the go. And I was just doing, doing, doing, doing, and acting like a robot, but now I am able to slow down and be more present and more focused. This whole experience has been priceless. It is one of the best investments that I have made in my life. I turned 
50 this year, which is a big birthday and I am becoming the best version of myself in this life. This has had positive repercussions in all areas of my life. I would recommend this to anybody because life is too short, we need to make the best of it for ourselves, but also for the people around us. By making the shift I'm going to be able to stay healthier for longer and live a fulfilling and meaningful life."



"I was a 4 out of 10 now I'm easily an 8 and keep getting better" 

From: James Ker-Reid

CEO & Founder @ Sales for Startups
"I was a 4-5 out of 10 before I came on this journey, lacking in energy, self-confidence, used to beat myself up quite a lot. Had a challenge around having aches and pains in my body and I really wanted to improve. I knew my health and wellbeing are pivotal to my self-development as a business founder so I wanted to improve them. Now I’m easily an 8 out of 10. This process is both scientific and intuitive in that it develops with you and it’s a very human-centered process: you guys have learned so much about the way I’m engineered and are therefore able to tailor the process to me. I was under a lot of stress both in my professional and personal life before I started, with a fast-growing company, young family, and demanding life and I definitely felt I wasn’t equipped to deal with it all effortlessly: I was in pain, lacked energy and lacked confidence. This tailored journey has been so rewarding for me. I couldn’t even touch my toes when I started, now I can almost do the splits. My ROM has improved massively. My fitness and cardio fitness have improved massively: I am succeeding at all events I participate in (tennis, squash, marathons). I sleep a lot better. I am way more flexible and hardly experience any pain anymore. I really feel like I’m succeeding on all fronts. This process has also had a massive positive impact on my work life: I’m more centered, less stressed, more confident, and can deal with any stressful situation much more easily. I feel much more in control of how I handle challenges. This truly has a ripple effect in all areas of life and has been so rewarding, improving all my relationships as a result of improving my relationship with myself: this is key for anyone who cares about growth and personal development. The return on the investment here is definitely ten times what you put in: as a founder, an investment that brings a 10x return seems like an unbeatable one to make! "




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The Team

My name is Serena Sabala, I am a Certified Plant-Based Nutrition Consultant, Yoga Teacher, and Fitness Trainer. I have studied the subjects of wellness and nutrition for over ten years and have a unique, holistic approach to health.

When I was only 8 years old my father, a very successful and busy entrepreneur, got really sick: unfortunately, he didn't have the tools to take care of his own wellbeing and therefore crumbled under the pressure of owning a multi-million euros business. 
This led to him losing everything he had worked so hard for, with huge consequences to him and our whole family.

As a result of my childhood experiences, I developed an interest in wellbeing practices which started at a very young age. Nutrition is the topic I’m most passionate about: I had a very challenging relationship with my body growing up due to the dysfunctional environment I was raised in, so I often turned to food for comfort. I tried every diet under the sun to no avail and this led me to deeply understand the emotional and psychological aspects of our relationship with food and our body. 

Once I mastered the fundamental principles of holistic and healthy nutrition, I was able to achieve greater results than I even imagined and sustain them effortlessly. Now, in my late 30s I am in the best physical, mental and spiritual shape of my life and continue to get better.

I delve deep into my story and our entire proven methodology in my highly rated book “Make The Shift”, now available on Amazon as a paperback, Kindle or Audio Book." 
 My name is Eugene Sabala, I am a Yoga Teacher, Fitness Trainer, Massage Therapist and Physical Therapy Aide with over 20 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry. I have helped hundreds of professionals across three continents improve their wellbeing and physical fitness and achieve profound, long-lasting results beyond their greatest expectations.

My passion for understanding the human anatomy started at a very young age when I was taunted by my school friends for being too skinny; at only 13 years of age, I started training at home with my dad’s dumbbells, so that I could get big and strong and prove them all wrong. I have never stopped since.

After training clients part-time for many years, I went on to found a very successful fitness training business in Texas, USA, working with over 300 clients over the years. My expertise then expanded into yoga, meditation, physical therapy, and therapeutic massage: I am a passionate advocate of a holistic approach to wellbeing.

My methodology is tailored to improve all main areas of physical, emotional and spiritual fitness in a powerful and profound way. I believe that true, holistic health is achieved from the inside out and starts from the mind; I am a passionate teacher of numerous mindfulness and meditation techniques, suitable for all level of practice and specifically designed to bring immediate relief to the stress and pressure of modern day living. 

A holistic approach is the only one which will bring real, long lasting results

Our shifters Paula and Danielle had been trying to get fit and healthy for most of their adult life but nothing ever seemed to work long term. They both had managed to lose weight and get healthier in preparation for their wedding but as soon as the event was over, they both gained all the weight back and then some. Their weekly bootcamps and seasonal detoxes didn’t seem to help matters at all. We worked together to create a bespoke and comprehensive plan of action to actually strengthen all three pillars of health and wellbeing in a systematic and sustainable way over the medium term: this allowed the to achieve even greater goals than what they imagined possible and to make those their new normal once and for all. What they have now achieved is permanent transformation rather than temporary change so their new habits come natural to them without having to “try” and they feel like second nature.

Conclusion: A strategic and holistic approach will allow you to get greater results with less effort and actually sustain them long term. It’s not about “working harder”, it is actually about “working smarter”. That is how you achieve transformation at the root level rather than temporary change.


- What do you mean exactly by “holistic”? I don’t believe in new age, alternative approaches. Holistic means 360’; it means that we will look at you as a whole and assess your current level of development across all three fundamental pillars of health and wellbeing so we can create a plan which strengthens them all instead of only working on some of them. This will allow you to finally achieve greater overall balance which in turn will lead to greater results with less effort.
- What actually are the areas you’ll work with me on to achieve a holistic strategy? What can I expect? We will create a bespoke plan. This will allow you to strengthen your Focus (anything to do with your mindset and mindfulness) as well as your Food (anything to do with your nutrition and your relationship with food) and Fitness (anything to do with your body’s movement and performance). 
- How long will it take to see new results when starting a shift? Everybody’s rate of progress is unique but every single shifter we’ve worked with has experienced some level of progress and tangible results within their first month onboard.
- I am unable to meditate and never had success with it in the past: will this prevent me from progressing? Meditation is only one of the many tools we use to strengthen the Focus pillar. There’s plenty more if that’s not for you and you may find that the right technique will actually allow you yo finally get benefits.

Self help will only take you so far

Our shifter Tonya had been working out for most of her adult life, yet she still felt she was not able to achieve the best results in spite of her string fitness regimen. She was often experiencing plateaus and could see her overall fitness still regressing in spite of her regular efforts. On her own, she simply was not able to see her blind-spots (nobody is) and therefore she was unable to make the improvements needed to achieve the results she was after. We worked together to help her identify roadblocks and imbalances in her approach which she simply could not see nor tackle on her own. Once we addressed these matters, she was finally able to get in the best shape of her life without even having to work out any harder than before. It was not a matter of doing more of what she was already doing. It was more a matter of doing the things she didn’t even know she had to do. 

Conclusion: more often than not, the greatest level of development will come from you working on obstacles and weaknesses that you’re not even aware of and therefore can’t overcome on your own. Nobody can see their own blind spots and yet the greatest results often lie on the other side of overcoming our blindspots.


- How does The Ultimate Shift differs from any other wellness, fitness or nutrition programs (especially the self help kind)? Our solution is NOT a one size fits all. We will create a bespoke plan of action which is specifically tailored to your unique goals, challenges and preferences. You will also have access to a ton of individual and group support and accountability so that you will never be or feel alone along the way: your coaches and community will keep you inspired, educated, motivated and encouraged no matter what you’re dealing with and this will mean that you’ll stick with your plan until you achieve all your goals and beyond.
- I’m just not good at doing online courses and I know some of the program is to be done on my own, online. What if I don’t do any of that stuff? Will I still be able to get results? The course has been specifically designed so each element complement the others in order to bring forth the greatest results. None of it is mandatory but the more you do, the better your results will be. Of course you’ll still be able to progress further than on your own if you only just do some of it but chances are that the community will inspire you to do more than you think and therefore achieve more also.

Extreme diets and exercise will actually cause more harm than good

Our lovely shifter Elisabeth had tried so many diets and exercise regimes over the years but everything seemed to leave her further away from her ultimate goals rather than closer to them. Each time she tried something new that didn’t work, she was left feeling more discouraged than before and actually also more in pain than before. When she met with us, she was in constant back pain to the point that she often couldn’t sleep at night and the thought of moving her body felt impossible and intimidating to her as she no longer trusted she could do so without hurting herself further. She also experienced great imbalance in her eating patterns due to the many extreme and depriving diets she’d tried: this led to her either restricting herself too much or going all out on junk food such as crisps without feeling in control of it. We worked with her to create a sustainable, effective and strategic plan to restore the balance in her food choices without feeling deprived as well as to regain mobility and range of motion without hurting herself. Today, Elisabeth is in the best shape of her adult life, she exercises daily and is virtually pain free. She’s found an amazing balance with food which has allowed her to lose weight and overcome other chronic health issues; she marvels at the fact that she can occasionally indulge in a handful of crisps without regressing or overeating on them. She didn’t realize how much she’d gotten used to living in pain and is now thriving rather than surviving each day, feeling her very best and continuing to get even better without it ever feeling like a painful process.

Conclusion: If you’ve tried everything under the sun but nothing brought the real and permanent results you were after, you are NOT broken nor hopeless. Most formulas out there simply don’t work because they swing you mindlessly from one extreme to the next which is ineffective at best and actually painful and dangerous at worse. Only a strategic plan which evolves with as you progress will allow to achieve greater results than you can imagine without it feeling like a painful and punishing progress.


- I’m actually really keen and motivated to get results as soon as possible: I get impatient if I don’t see improvements quickly. Isn’t this approach too slow? I like to see fast results! We totally understand the importance of seeing improvements right away as we actually believe (and preach!) that success is your greatest motivator. Through our process, you will be able to immediately notice some real, tangible and energizing successes but the great news is that you won’t have hurt yourself physically nor emotionally in order to achieve them. You will discover that it is actually possible to get real results (often greater than you even thought possible) even as you actually enjoy the process. 
- How is it actually going to be possible to achieve the kind of big improvements I’m after, without massively increasing my fitness and restricting my calorie intake? isn’t weight loss a matter of exercising more and eating less? What am I missing here? It is true that in order to lose weight and get fitter and healthier you have to create a calorie deficit and increase your movement. What’s not true is that the more you exercise and the less you eat, the greater the results you will achieve. We know for a fact that by creating a well balanced fitness plan which does NOT feel painful to maintain, you will actually get fitter and healthier in the long run that by doing anything extreme for a short period of time. We also know how to create a calorie deficit WITHOUT going hungry by changing the proportions of the foods you eat rather than just the portion sizes. This will allow you to lose weight and get healthier without going hungry nor feeling deprived.

Only a bespoke plan that is specifically tailored to your unique needs, goals and challenges will actually work

Our shifter Ana came to us at a very delicate time in her life when due to the pandemic, she was dealing with immense pressure both in her personal and professional life. She felt overwhelmed and had hit rock bottom. She knew she was not taking best care of herself as a result and she also knew many of the things she needed to change in order to get healthier but for reasons she was unable to figure out, she simply felt unable to implement these improvements on her own and was actually getting worse rather than better. Through working with us, she was able to identify the more subtle yet very powerful obstacles that were getting in her way and was actually able to finally create routine and habits which worked for her and which she could stick with. She turned her life around beyond her greatest expectations and is now healthier than ever before and feels stronger than ever in dealing with the challenges of her work and family life. She’s actually also started to implement some of the principles she’s learned in her work with her patients as an MD.

Conclusion: There is no “one size fits all” approach to wellbeing which can actually bring forth real and long lasting results. Although there are universal principles to healthy living which apply to all humans, you are very unique. There’s nobody in the world like you. You’re one of a kind and have unique challenges, strengths, goals and preferences. Only a plan which takes that into account can truly deliver the results you’re after and that you deserve.


- I actually know a lot about fitness and nutrition so I don’t think there’s anything new for me to learn which is going to make a difference. My main problem is that I don’t do what I know I should do. Are you going to be able to help with that? In Italy, we say that “between knowing and doing lies an ocean”. There’s generally two main reasons why you may not be applying something you know you should. The first is that you think it is what you should be doing (generally based on past experiences) but it actually no longer is the most effective thing for you to do (maybe it never was, even if it led to temporary results). The second reason may be that there’s an obstacle in your way which you are unable to identify on your own because it lives in your blind spot (nobody can see their own blind spots on their own).
- There are so many conflicting information out there that I often don’t know which one to believe or trust. How do I know that your approach actually works and is not another fad which will further add to my confusion? The main proof is in the results that our shifter are able to achieve every single day. These female leaders come from all walks of lives and are dealing with their unique challenges. Most of them felt the same you do know: they came to us confused, overwhelmed, demotivated and even hopeless at times. Every single one of them was able to achieve results beyond their expectations. You will be no different. That’s why we feel confident enough to offer a 30 days money back guarantee: we know what we offer works like nothing else in the industry and we want you to experience that first hand and make up your own mind through experience, not just theory.
- How do I know if this is actually for me? If any of the examples above resonate with you, if you recognize a part of yourself in any of those stories and experiences, if the challenges our shifters faced sound familiar then you can rest assured this method will work for you also. Not two storied are identical to one other but in our experience, as long as there are commonalities, then success is certainly on the horizon. Once again, you have nothing to lose by trying us out for 30 days with no commitment to continue on if you don’t believe you should.

Do you see that if you: 

- Implement a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing which allows you strengthen all three fundamental pillars of Focus, Food and Fitness (and the three pillars within each of them)
- Stop relying solely on self help and actually outsource some level of support and accountability to guarantee you’ll stay on track regardless of what’s going on around you
- Get out of the quick fix mindset which leads to adopt extreme diets and exercise regimes that cause more harm than good in the long run
- Create a bespoke plan which takes into account your unique challenges, goals and preferences (there’s only one of you in the world after all)

You will be able to shift to your most fit, healthy and confident self and sustain it effortlessly in a way that is actually enjoyable?

You can implement these strategies on your own, but you will likely run into some problems

  • Human beings are wired to continue doing more of what they already feel somewhat good at (nobody likes to feel like a beginner) so the tendency when going about things on your own is that you will continue to neglect the very areas with most room for improvement without even realizing it. This will perpetuate the state of imbalance that is causing you to struggle and is in the way of your best results
  • ​If you’re not careful, you may look for support in the wrong places and people who mean well but don’t know better will end up actually having a negative influence on your progress rather than positive. Not all motivation is actually beneficial and constructive, sadly. 
  • ​No matter how hard you try, you will still be tempted to equate “harder work” with better results. This is simply how the human brain has been wired to think over the course of many years. This will lead you to skip important steps in the false belief that you’ll progress faster or not to give enough time to embed the new habits before moving further. Like building a house, if the foundations are not solid and dry enough before you keep building, the whole house will eventually collapse and you’ll have to start again from scratch which will have wasted WAY more time after all.
  • ​Without the proper direction, you will be tempted to get inspired by and emulate those around who look healthier, fitter or leaner than you and will think that by doing what they’re doing you’ll eventually look like them. This sadly NEVER works because, once again, you are unique and what works for one person is not guaranteed to work for another. Every time you try this and fail, you will reinforce the belief that something is wrong with you and you’re just not meant to get healthy and fit which is just NOT TRUE!
You can also look into many of the other health and wellness solutions available in the market however what we have found is that most professionals specialize in just one of the three pillars so you will either end up with a partial solution: a nutritionist and/or a PT (please DO NOT trust them when they tell you they understand nutrition as most of them only study the very basic for a maximum of 10 hours as part of their training) and/or mindset coach. This scenario will continue to create imbalance in your strategy and results. Alternatively, you would have to hire a minimum of three top quality professionals in their respective fields which not only will cost you a lot of money but you would also still end up with three different approaches and often conflicting informations which may leave you more confused and out of balance than before. 

By enrolling on The Ultimate Shift® you will make sure to avoid every single one of these pitfalls as we will provide you with everything you need and more to achieve your greatest results yet. You’ll simply have to implement our guidelines every step of the way to start experiencing transformation right away. 
 I decided to join the shift because I was struggling following the loss of both my mother and mother-in-law in a very short period of time. I found myself getting into very bad habits, not eating or eating the wrong stuff. I would feel very, very depressed at the same time and very heavy. I noticed I was gaining weight, but I was using this excuse of perimenopause to cover it up and justify it. And at the end, I knew that was not the case. I think at that point what was actually affecting me were the depression and just not eating good and not taking care of myself and taking some care of someone else and putting yourself last. I had a very dark moment because to be honest here, I was also drinking more than usual. So I knew it got to a point towards the very end where I was scared for myself and I cried. And I'll never forget that evening, because seeing how my mother in law and my mother degenerated physically and how their bodies just broke down was scary. And I was scared that I was going to end up that way. So at that moment I was like: I cannot put myself in such a situation. I love that part when you said that losing weight has to be a side effect of doing the right things and taking the best care of ourselves. I do appreciate you literally changed my mind in such a positive way. The food intake was a big thing for me. I learned that it doesn’t have to feel like work. It can be fun. I just finally feel like myself again. I feel so much better now than I did 15 years ago, or 10 years ago. It's a big, big difference.I lost nine pounds and it’s been the right kind of weight loss: I lost fat storage instead of muscle mass, I would recommend this to everyone, despite what level of fitness or health you are at, you will benefit from this for sure! 

Elene Velasquez, Yoga Teacher

I had all this knowledge around food and health but constantly in my life, I've been confused about food. I've always been health conscious, and yet my health took a downward turn. And this just baffled me. I became a shifter and my life has changed. My mind has changed and this transformation has come from my heart. I have lost the confusion about what to eat, when to eat, why to eat. Because there is so much information out there. I no longer hit the fridge running when I come in the house. I've even noticed the way I'm eating is reflecting on my husband and now my grandchildren when they're over here. My tastes have changed for the better. Before I cooked for my husband, not myself and so I didn't know what I wanted to eat. So it usually ended up being something full of preservatives and sugar. I knew the way I was eating was not feeding my body properly. I needed to be coached on eating and nutrition. I needed to get my fitness level to where I could work with it, Instead of trying to do what I can no longer do. Eugene's been amazing. I just cannot say enough about where my fitness level is now. Before I just did not want to work out. Because I couldn't do what I used to a long time ago. And now I can achieve what has been presented to me and I'm making progress daily. I've discovered that I don't have to eat because the world says I need breakfast. I eat when I'm hungry when my body is asking me for food. And somehow I know what I want to eat now. That's amazing to me. I'm now finally guilt free about food. This has been a burden I've carried for many, many years. And I don't feel that way anymore. I'm finally free. Freedom on food! I have lost 16 pounds. I'm eating carbohydrates. And the results are showing now. 

Anne DuMond, Charity worker and addictions support specialist

I decided to join the shift because I had hit a plateau. I've been an athlete all my life. And I've worked out, do yoga, anything, you name it, I've done it. And I just hit a plateau where I wasn't getting results. I always considered myself fit. But there were just some nutritional and physical characteristics of my body that I wanted to change. And I just really didn't know how to do that. And I just needed help from some experts that specialise in those areas. And it has been absolutely amazing. I have learned healthier alternatives for my food. My digestive system is more thorough. And physically, you know, without trying, I've lost about maybe four or five pounds. Most everybody thinks that it's more like really thin, you're looking slim, and I'm like, I'm not thin. I'm leaner. And just getting more definition and my arms, my legs, I had really hit a plateau and like I said even though I was working out doing everything that I normally do, I just wasn't progressing. And now I get so many compliments all the time on the changes in my body in such a short time.Yes, so powerful! I'm even getting compliments on my skin! When you're doing the right things, taking the right actions and working on your nutrition as well as the mindset as well as the right kind of training for your body, then it doesn't take a lot of work to achieve great results, it's just fine tuning smaller things there, it's going to open up a whole new range of results

Tonya Reeves, Registered Nurse and Business Owner

Prior to starting my shift, we’d just gone into lockdown and I just completely just let myself go. And it suddenly dawned on me that if this is what had happened in one week, how long are we going to be in lockdown for and what sort of long term impact is this going to have on my health, my general emotions, etc.? So the shift definitely came at that right time! what I need this for was to establish some kind of routine, to keep me going. One of the things that I really wanted to work on was having more variety in my healthy food choices because I've never really found a routine that worked for me or that led to something that I could sustain. I also found that often I pay attention to my food and my exercise, but then you know, that mental well being would really sort of slip or I'd focus on my mental well being and my food and my exercise would slip. So it was always one of those legs of the tripod that would just fall away at some point. I think one of the best things that I have really taken away is that the shift has been a lifestyle one because it's not based on short term results. I've actually found new ways to enjoy my food, and to be really in tune to what my body needs, which has also led to much greater mental well being. Unlike every other diet that I've tried, this approach does not revolve around these foods you need to eat or this diet you need to follow for a set period of time. Those only ever work for a period of time, and then you stop and you go back to the foods that you enjoy, because you haven't had those. But what I worked on with you was actually how can I still enjoy those meals, but in a more conscious way which doesn’t affect my progress? Like a lot of people, when I was having that food that I really enjoy, I found it hard to stop at one bite or one bowl. Not because I was hungry. The biggest thing that I learned during these three months is actually being conscious of how much I do eat of certain things and realizing I can enjoy it just with one bite or one small serving. What’s impressive is that, whilst obviously we never spoke about that target of weight loss during our three months, and that was never my big goal going into it, I have actually managed to lose nine kilos during this entire time. I haven't been focused on that, it has just happened on its own without feeling restricted.

Rachel Louise, Training Specialist in the Education Sector 

I'm probably older than most people who do this kind of thing and I am fit, healthy kind of guy. I Don't drink, don't smoke. I've been a vegetarian for many years, but I was getting to a point in my life where I wasn't satisfied with especially how I was eating. I was lazy. I was repetitive. I ate the same thing day after day. Lots of bread, lots of kind of stacks. My weight started to creep upwards. If I was going to score myself out of 10 I would give myself a seven out of 10 before I started. I was a little bit reluctant to start because I had become very resigned about it: I thought I was never going to change and it did not matter too much but then I decided not to settle for the ordinary. So I started working with Serena and I have to say I was really surprised. I was delighted. It was very impactful. Serena was really great at challenging me and show me what really worked for me in a way that was effective and educating rather than preaching. The shift really worked for me. It was quite transformative because it started making me to cook and I've never really been a cook.It has transformed my my diet, my health or my overall or well being. What I was looking to do was to stabilize and slightly decrease my weight which worked, and to shift my diet towards a much healthier one and that has worked also. If I was going to put a value on it, it's almost impossible: one of the things that really stuck with me when I read Serena’s book, is that she asks: how much are you worth? how much money do you spend maintaining your car? How much money do you spend at your house? How much money do you spend on clothes, and then how much money do you spend on your body?” It’s a great question! We need our body to be functioning well. So I'd highly recommend Serena and the Shift. I'm very happy to have done it.

Brent Cureless, Property Investor 

I just finished the 90 Shift program with Serena and Eugene. What led me to start in the first place was that even though I think I was doing well, and I exercise regularly as a coach, I know there's always room for improvement and I am always willing to do a little better. With Serena, we went over my eating habits; I got lots of literature and podcasts and videos recommended to me which really opened my mind into what I should eat and what I shouldn't and even more importantly, the impact of different food categories on my body. Working with Eugene was amazing as well. He's a phenomenal personal trainer, massage therapist and also a physiotherapy aide. For the 90 days, my goals were to improve my energy level, to improve my flexibility and to reduce my body fats, which we've done great progress on all those three areas. But what was even better benefits and one that I didn't really expect was that even though I was initially cautious or had some reservations about making big changes to my diet, because I thought it would lead to restrictions, what actually happened was this amazing shift in my thinking which really changed my relationship with food and eating better. Now it's not about what I cannot eat. It's more about what I want to eat what I want to fuel my body with. And so the biggest benefit is actually a transformed relationship with my body physically which I didn't expect but seeing it now in hindsight was the biggest and best benefit that I've got from experience. As a coach, I know that there are plenty of nutritionist and personal trainers out there. What I think was quite special about working with Eugene and Serena is this combination of them together: so you're not developing or improving your life and wellness is a one sided way but more holistically, which I personally attribute my radical shift to; it's transformed my relationship with my body in ways I didn’t see coming.

Tomas Svitorka, Performance Coach for Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Benefits Of Enrolling  
  • You will be able to experience new results and improvements right away but without ever feeling deprived, hungry, and in pain from gruesome workouts
  • You will learn exactly how to navigate all the challenges of your busy life without them getting in the way of your health and wellness
  • You will be able to stay motivated and on track even when your life is pulling you in all sorts of a different direction
  • You will be able to actually enjoy the journey of becoming your most fit, healthy, and confident self instead of feeling like you’re enduring it against your will
  • You will feel guided and supported each step of the way instead of ever feeling isolated and overwhelmed
  • You will be able to immediately overcome any challenge you face without it getting in the way of your progress and results thanks to the immediate aid and counsel of your coaches and community
  • You will have clear direction across all pillars of health and wellbeing and a clear and specific plan to follow so that you don’t have to do much thinking nor planning
  • You will never again feel overwhelmed by the myriads of opinions and information out there as you will know exactly what you need to do to achieve your results, each step of the way
 Click the button below and book a call with our Co-Founder Serena; our primary objective is to ensure you get insights and value in exploring our methodology as it relates to you. You will be delving into your current inhibitors for further improving your health, nutrition and wellbeing and you’ll be able to identify a clear approach to progress in an effective and empowered way

We can only welcome onboard 10 new shifters each month so if this is of interest, please make sure you take action now.

The Ultimate Shift®

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for me if I’m not a business owner or leader?

Absolutely, book a call and we will explain in detail how so.

I know you support plant based eating but does it mean I have to go vegan to participate or get results? 

Absolutely no. You will learn the art of eating healthy and nutritious meals that work for you and will learn how to eat more plants to whatever extend you feel comfortable doing.

I have specific injuries I’m working with. Will the fitness plan cater to that? 

For sure. Our approach to fitness is specifically designed to cater to all levels of ability and mobility and is particularly suitable for anyone dealing with any injuries doe to its therapeutic nature.
I really don’t have much time available for this right now. How much time will I have to invest every day? 

You can actually experience great improvements by simply spending as little as 30 minutes a day on your homework plus one hour a week on LIVE lectures or the digital course. 

Some of the features you list are not really up my street. Will I have to do everything or can I pick and choose? 

Nothing is mandatory yet everything is designed to complement everything else with your greatest results in mind. The more you do, the more greatly you’ll progress but if something really doesn’t work for you nobody will force you to do it.
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